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Hemophilia Information

There are no two ways about it. Living with Hemophilia can be difficult at times.

We know how you feel. We've been there. In fact, you could say we are there now, and have been since 1992. Our sons, Tanner and Connor, have severe hemophilia. We knew that something was different the day Tanner was born. The nurse pricked his heel for a test and it just wouldn't stop bleeding. Little did we know how far that tiny pinprick was going to take us.

A picture of our family. We have two sons with hemophilia

(Top Row Left to Right) Tanner, Tahnee, Alora, Heidi,
(Bottom Row Left to Right) Connor, Karl, Della, and Kaylee Score

We never set out to become hemophilia experts or to start a company providing factor for people with hemophilia. We didn't just wake up one morning and decide to dedicate our lives to helping find the cure for hemophilia. But that is kind of what happened. This is our story.

Conversation about the cure for hemophilia

One day, our son Connor was hospitalized at a major research hospital in Los Angeles. That particular morning, the head of the Hematology Department was making the rounds. He came into our son's room and we spoke about his condition. He was going to be OK.

Then we began to speak about the possibility of a cure for hemophilia. That hematologist spoke about all the wonderful hemophilia research that is being done. Did you know that there are dogs and mice that have been completely cured of hemophilia since 2005?

Not enough Money for Research

research for a cure for Hemophilia

He explained that funding was a struggle and that part of his staff spent much of the year writing grant proposals for funding instead of working towards a cure. He said that some promising studies had ended or were never started because the money simply runs out!

Well, that conversation bothered us. We were frustrated at the thought of hemophilia continuing in families like yours and ours for generations and wondered what could we do to help change this.

Then it hit us it was like a bolt of lightning.We are not alone. There are thousands of families just like ours, with hemophilia, hoping for a cure.

What if we created a homecare company to supply factor products to people with hemophilia and then donate a large portion of the profits to fund research for the cure? Families with hemophilia, the very people that hope for a cure the most, could be the answer to this dilemma. These families could become part of the solution. They could help cure themselves!

Without looking back, we sold our small sign making business and used our savings to create "Homecare for the Cure" to supply hemophilia products and information and work towards a cure. We would love nothing more than to be able to help bring about the cure for hemophilia and then close our doors forever. I know it sounds funny, but if we are successful, we will go out of business. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

What is Hemophilia?
What is Hemophilia? Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder that almost always affects males. A person with hemophilia has low or non-existent levels of blood clotting protein called factor.
Types of Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
Types of Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. We discuss hemophilia A, hemophilia B, hemophilia C, Von Willebrands Disease and three levels of hemophilia severity
Von Willebrand's Disease
Von Willebrand's Disease is a bleeding disease similar to Hemophilia that affects both males and females equally. Von Willebrand Factor (VWB) is a protein discovered by Dr. Von Willebrand.
Treatment of Hemophilia
The standard treatment of hemophilia today is factor replacement by intravenous infusion. The medication is supplied in two vials, one containing the dried blood clotting protein, the other water.
Blood Clotting Proteins
There are 13 blood clotting proteins (coagulation factor) found in the blood. The two most common factor deficiencies are: factor 8 (or factor VIII) deficiency and factor 9 (or factor IX) deficiency.
Cure for Hemophilia
Most of the research for the cure for hemophilia has been centered around “Gene Therapy.” Hemophilia gene therapy is simply amazing. I have heard many doctors speak with a lot of hope for the future.
Hemophilia Genetics
Hemophilia Genetics: Hemophilia is carried on the X chromosome and is called an X linked genetic disorder. A women who is a carrier for hemophilia has the genetic mutation on one of her X chromosomes.
Hemophilia Medication
Hemophilia medication was derived from human plasma, which was dangerous for hemophiliacs. Using recombinant DNA technology to produce factor using other animal cells, infusing with factor is safer.
Hemophilia Medical Coverage
Hemophilia medical coverage can be very expensive. Hemophilia treatment is among one of the most expensive chronic diseases in the U.S.
History of Hemophilia
In the whole history of hemophilia, the Jews were first to recognize it. The hemophilia blood disorder became known as the royal disease because Queen Victoria was a carrier.
Hemophilia Research
Imagine a person with Hemophilia going to a Treatment Center and thanks to hemophilia research, leaving without Hemophilia. This is at the very heart of our company. We truly believe in a cure.
National Hemophilia Organizations
National Hemophilia Organizations
Hemophilia Foundations
Hemophilia Foundations are available in almost every state to help those dealing with hemophilia
Hemophilia Treatment Centers
Hemophilia Treatment Centers are all across the United States. This page lists most of them and gives contact information.
Hemophilia Support Services
I know what you are thinking. "How can a family that lives clear across the country in Southern California provide my family hemophilia support?" That is the beauty of the internet.
Contact Us
contact Us at Homecare for the cure for any uestions regarding hemophilia care or life with hemophilia. we would love to help you.
Hemophilia Glossary
This is a hemophilia Glossary. It isn't my purpose to have a complete medical glossary. I am just including the words you might come across on this hemophilia site.
Hemophilia Document Downloads
Hemophilia Documents for download